What we focus on

business analyse


Our tailored software solutions typically go hand in hand with assessing and analyzing the business. In our workshops we quickly model business workflows and help our clients to map the big picture - including their organizational dependencies and their IT landscape. Our methods also assist our clients in identifying essential leverage for enhancing efficiency across domains and technologies and often lead to improved workflows supported by new digital solutions.

Our expertise.

  • Business analysis in the form of workshops (from two hours up to multiple days, based on your needs)

  • Requirements engineering prior and during software development, extracting the real demands and potential behind people’s different views and whishes

  • Reshaping organizational processes in unison with new software solutions

software architecture


Modern software architecture must provide for adaptions without getting increasingly slower or fragile. The usual conflict between high quality and fast delivery requirements demands techniques that enable a constant pace in development over time. In order to ensure scalable and sustainable software development we apply various Domain-Driven Design principles that allow us to develop architectures that mirror the shape and language of the business.

Our expertise.

  • Developing scalable software architectures for complex business domains

  • Consulting and support in creating robust, maintainable architectures

  • Coaching, Training and Presentations on Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

big data


Wihin a broader movement towards digitalization, data-driven automation gains significant traction and not only are computing paradigms evolving in the course of it. Machine learning is already changing entire businesses, sometimes by increasing efficiency or lowering costs, sometimes even transforming or replacing old business models. To make data-driven automation work in practice, our services include building infrastructures for handling both the input data as well as their distributed computation, automating model selection and tuning, or building intuitive visualizations for real-time monitoring.

Our expertise.

  • Data science: finding the data and the right models for the given job

  • Data engineering: turning prototype scripts into full-fletched data-driven software solutions at scale

  • Instant insight: intuitive visualization of essential information for immediate decision making


Our approach to software development is characterized by the highest quality standards. We believe that software must help the user to achieve his or her tasks with the least possible effort, so tools must be intuitive and fast. Software also has to be stable and robust, but nevertheless support incremental changes over time. To this end, our software deployments - on premise or in the cloud - are reliable by design, centering around clarity and automation. Business processes are reflected and thought through ‘vertically’ in our software: from the customized user interface down to the infrastructure.

Our expertise.

  • Turnkey solutions: our software development projects are set up based on our client’s vision and strategic guidelines, along which we implement and continuously improve our software, i.e., the full vertical stack

  • Our web and mobile development, tackling entire business processes, is complimented by individual solutions like systematic UI concepts, or the design of highly automated infrastructures

  • Consulting in UI/UX design, test automation, deployment pipelines, etc.