Software aligned with your changing business




Modern businesses have to adapt, sometimes quickly, to new business needs, strategic reframing or organizational changes. More often than not, critical IT systems at the core of businesses are a bar to these changes, rather than supporting them. In order to achieve working solutions that remain sustainable over time,

  • we design software from top to bottom: from the business domain, to intuitive user interfaces, down to flexible, scaling architectures; and

  • we build it from bottom up: agile, step by step, in close collaboration with domain experts and users.

We believe that two guiding principles are particularly important: software must be aligned to users’ needs and adaptable so that it can grow and change over time. Like your business.


In order to design high quality custom software, we immerse ourselves in the business domain we are working in. Typically, an organization’s IT landscape changes alongside its business processes. However, rethinking the latter often circles around the limitations of current software systems, rather than directly addressing actual demands and fresh opportunities.

In our consulting, we apply different analytical methods to map current business processes across organizational boundaries, where we help to identify inefficiencies as well as leverage for improvement. Our experience in untangling complex enviroments enables us to clarify and rethink boundaries - organizational ones as well as those concerning your IT systems. Thus we can support our clients in developing their processes with a pure focus on business value.